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This industrial area in the northern part of Svendborg used to be the domicile for Svendborg Konservesfabrik/Vinkompagni which in 2010 was sold and taken over by the Finnish company ALTIA. This company ceased its activities in Svendborg in the summer of 2015, moved all production to Finland and left 26.000 m2 empty office buildings and warehouses in Svendborg.

In 2017 the buildings were bought by I/S Rødeledsvej. Together with Property Manger Peer Ishøj Eriksen, the owners, Hans Chr. Bukkehave, Lars Ejvind Hjort Simonsen and HS Holding, run and manage ”Alti Erhvervspark” – the new name for the industrial area.

Alti Erhvervspark provides a mutual base for established businesses and entrepreneurs with offices, rental of mini storage and warehouses, production, catering, logistics and hoppy activities.

It is the intention to develop and provide a inspirating environment where renters obtain synergies and knowledge exchange across different fields of business.  Furthermore, to provide a frame, flexible solutions and facilities for growth that will benefit both business and private people so we will be seen as a trustworthy company which delivers high quality at a competitive price.

We want to be proactive, aim wide and be an industrial park and rallying point for business and people.

Warehouses and offices for rent in Svendborg

Located in the industrial zone on Rødeledsvej in Svendborg near the highway and with easy access for semi trucks.
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Alti Erhvervspark
I/S Rødeledsvej
Rødeledsvej 70
5700 Svendborg


Phone: +45 2090 6323
cvr. 3887 3520
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